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Monthly Archives: September 2012

{shades of} blue


I’ve always been afraid of combining prints and patterns.  Growing up with two brothers and a working mother, the fashion aesthetic encouraged for me was always a fail-safe simplicity.  This approach was always at the forefront of my girlhood wardrobe, although it conflicted many times with my innate desire to experiment, leading to many fashion mistakes made along the years, a popular theme being the too matchy-matchy shortcut.

Age has subsided the embarrassment factor a lot for me and I’m not as afraid to take my outfits with a more light-hearted approach.  I wear what I feel like and am a lot less confined by rules and fear of fashion failure.  This outfit allowed me to combine a few whimsical touches with one of favorite shade, the French bleu.  Altogether, it is nowhere simple and perhaps all too matching, but I had so much fun wearing it.

I bought the hat from a fantastic vintage shop in Portland, the shoes are Mark & James, my all-time favorite print handbag from Anthropologie, a Corey Lynn Calter dress, Club Monaco bracelets my friend Chatnoir gave me and Madewell rings.

Oh Bacchanal…

Okay, confession number one: living in Vegas gets you spoiled about a few things.  Confession number two: living in Vegas as a Yelper gets you even more spoiled about a few more things.  You get your pick at the world’s top fine dining, hotel services, spa hospitality, nightlife, among others.  There is a constant competition between resort owners to see who can offer up the best latest thing, or at least spend the most money doing it.So what’s the latest thing and who’s spent the most at it?  Buffets: ones that offer restaurant quality food, specialty items never seen before the mass produce line-up of buffets, and free wine & beer, of course!  And in this extravagant race, Bacchanal is the reigning stallion.

To be completely honest, I’m not a big fan of buffets.  My famously ridiculous appetite of the early 20′s has given way to age and these days I’m lucky to hold down two glasses and 3 courses.  I eat often and little, and I like it that way, on most days, except on the day I go to Bacchanal.  Because not only do I get to eat top quality food that is individually plated and thoughtfully presented, I also get to eat things that are usually never offered in buffets: stone crab, soup dumplings, and chocolate souffle.

If you’ve ever been traumatized by the circus that was old Vegas buffets, and my previous three paragraphs haven’t had you convinced, check out the photos:

Sparkling flirt

When I first moved to Las Vegas, the style scene here, admittedly, felt a little foreign for me.  I love glamor, yes, but often shy away from the classic approach of glitter, sequins, and all things sparkly.  And Vegas is, everything shiny.  Being in showbiz in Vegas is also interesting, you have to overdo almost everything, because that’s what people expect when they come to Vegas, an escape onto a made-up adult island of showgirls, draped in jewels, gold lame, and explicit sexuality. 

It took me a long time to find my own way to embrace sparkly things.  They have turned up in my closet here and there, in easily-handled doses and wearable textures.  This outfit has a lot of of shiny components, yet isn’t too much for me.  It’s comfortable and cool to survive the Vegas heat.

These old Betsey Johnson shoes are probably my favorite girly sparkly heels.  I love that they look like little bows on presents.  They definitely put me in a holiday mood even though the weather is so hot.

The other glitter comes from an old Arden B top and vintage clutch, as well as Jewelmint necklace and bracelet, toned down by the camel H&M pants and Rag & Bone sunglasses.

park: Highline

When I lived in Manhattan some years ago, I lived in midtown and often craved the Central Park experience on a weekday.  The energy of the city, as intoxicating as it can be, can stick to you, wears you down, and at times can only be peeled off after hours spent in nature.  However, upper Manhattan is not always on my mood so the park ended up more of a weekend activity.

Since we moved, something of a miracle happened to midtown Manhattan, Highline Park, a park built on an old freight line, yes, old railroad tracks.  It’s modern, gorgeous, and oh-so-New York.  And it totally stole hours from my afternoon this past trip.  Step onto this little piece of heaven, overlooking the West side and the Hudson, and you’ll be mesmerized too.

Besides the details poured into every inch of the thoughtful architecture, Highline Park is also the home to some very yummy gourmet food trucks.  People’s Pops and Blue Bottle Coffee are just among the favorites.  Strong espresso perked me up for the stroll high above the city, and fruity ice cream kept me happy all though out the humidity of August.

I wore my favorite casual menswear-inspired outfit: piped Club Monaco PJ trousers with a ZARA shoulder bag, F21 over-sized white shirt, Sam Edelman flats, and a vintage turquoise necklace.

light and ladder

I’ve often liked the fire escapes of old cities, probably a left-over preference of being a Breakfast at Tiffany’s original fan.  Possibilities, I imagine, often wait for you, on that ladder, to overfill your cozy Manhattan apartment.

This last visit to Manhattan, I got a chance to stay in an apartment that belonged to a musician, so while light and ladder were outside stirring up my imagination, music was inside, feeding it.

I’m wearing an old H&M blouse (altered), Anthropologie pants, JCrew necklace, Banana Republic bracelet, Anne Klein watch, and Sam Edelman shoes