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lili vintage boutique

Vintage is a peculiar thing, like a self-aware beautiful woman, it’s picky, it’s moody, it’s even sometimes high-maintenance.  But when it loves you, you have no choice but to love it back.

This is my relationship with vintage.  I haven’t always loved it, frankly, I initially found it to be too mysterious to be worth the risk, until I had my first…

Vintage hat, that is!  Wow, that was a gorgeous thing.  A 1940′s velvet headpiece with black lace netting.  Fit me perfectly, gave me that Veronica Lake noir allure I wanted.  First love, it was unforgettable.

Since then, I’ve never been able to deny myself some good, proper vintage.  And it has definitely expanded beyond hats.

Like this last time at Lili Boutique, when I spent almost two hours chatting, admiring, trying things, and photographing every little treasure like I had never seen vintage before.  Granted, it was 90′s outside with that signature Southern humidity, so air-conditioned Lili was an oasis, an oasis with beautiful things and a lovely owner, Lili herself.

Two hours, one yellow dress (that Lili told me it fit no one else so of course I was convinced it was made for me, me and the lady who wore it before in the 40′s) and two hats later, I felt loved.  I felt confident.  I felt included in the tale of the clothing.

This is the truth about buying things that come with a history, like that charming lover, you never know the whole story.

And that’s what keeps you coming back!
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