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{travel diary} barcelona. chapter 2

Sometimes we travel a lot of distance 
to move a little bit

Barcelona remains a city that changed me inside, not only for the obvious reasons: its beautiful and famous architecture, the ever-evolving culinary scene, the gorgeous residents of the Mediterranean seaside. But also in the quietest curiosities and the differences that only further highlight similarities within us all, an ultimate quest of travelers.

[above] clothes-drying at an apartment building in the once dangerous El Raval neighborhood
[below] Spanish guitar near the Gothic cathedral

[5 above] lines and curves of the Gothic quarter
[below] a merchant plays with his dog during the lazy afternoon instead of taking siesta

[2 above & 3 below] precious curiosities from a paper and ink shop in the Gothic Quarter

[1 above and 3 below] Barcelona coastline, its spirited dancers & sails.

[above] Catalans eat their bread rubbed with fresh tomatoes, olive oil, and garlic
[below] seafood fideo: signature Catalan dish, similar to paella but made with noodles

[2 above and 4 below] dishes and scenery from the beautiful and famous restaurant Seven Ports, the most delicious meal I had in Barcelona, also eaten by the likes of Gabriel Garcia Marques and Woody Allen.

[2 below] doors and arches of Barcelona