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{travel diary} barcelona. chapter 1

there are cities where you’ve been waiting to go your whole life
and there are cities that find you,
absorb you into the fabric of their rhythm and mesmerize you with the quirkiness of their people.

barcelona was such this city for me,
almost immediately, I was swallowed up,
in the jumble of narrow streets 
and tree-lined plazas outlined with 
mystical Gothic architecture


in and out of shadows
cast by decorative streetlamps and statues;

the day travels slower in this Catalan land,
as if life was constantly being examined
lived to the fullest and 
aspired to the next level

don’t waste minutes trying to deconstruct the mazes of Barcelona’s streets,
rather, spend them in building your
grandest fairy tales, the kinds filled with colors and shapes
but don’t make any sense 
or retain any pattern.

when your feet need rest,
rent a set of wheels and travel like the locals
stop to look at the irreverent souvenirs
made by free-thinking artisans

there are street performers 
on every corners of the barrios
let go of one’s own destinations
and allow them to imagine new ones for you.

the saccharine air of this city
remove you from your travels’ worry
with the sincerity of a storekeeper’s smile
and lingers on your taste buds
in its sweet treats

play a game of hide and seek
with your love
in the cascades of stair steps
the vibrations of church bells
and the romance of ivy branches

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