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the fairy tale – that is parc Guell

If you could concoct your personal fairy tale, where would it take place?  For me, a pretend cynic posing as a pessimist who’s really a romantic, I have not really let myself ponder this question before, until I met Gaudi’s Parc Guell.

Rising high above the frenzy and hectic Catalan capital that is Barcelona, Parc Guell is truly a place of fairy tales, with explosions of kaleidoscopic colors and swirling ideas.

 Curving stone and glass marry each other in these exquisite castle-like structures and walkways, the paths unfurl before you like rivers of lava and the columns stir up memories of ancient trees, the sort of happily ever after you would expect from a union of Hansel & Gretel to Lord of the Rings.

Any photographer or other sort of light-chaser can appreciate Gaudi’s masterful strokes at bending and refracting, the use of light and shadows directs and co-writes your personal tale of the park.

I wanted to wear an outfit that could interpret Gaudi’s vision but does not sacrifice comfort (the climb up to the park is no small matter).  My trusted vintage cowboy boots were loyal through and through, worn with a colorful F21 ruffled skirt and Zara denim shirt, belted up with JCrew and carried along by my travel-friendly inconspicuous black leather satchel.

The stunning view of La Sagrada Familia from the highest point of the park.


Gaudi’s beautiful home and his personal view of the park from his window.

If you would like to check out the rest of my photos from Barcelona, you can scroll down and look at the archives on the left.  Enjoy and thank you for reading and dreaming with me.