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mist wanders & rain walks

“WE meet the places we wind up loving much the way we meet the people we fall for: on purpose and accidentally; at precisely the right moment and exactly the wrong time; in the highest of spirits and the lowest of moods” ~Frank Bruni
 I met the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington DC in a search for definite things: a bookstore (Prose & Politics ranks up there on my favorite places) & an oyster happy hour (Hank’s is an indulgent oblivion I’m happy to enter).  I never thought the quiet charm of this historic neighborhood would sneak into the crevices of my soul and catch me by surprise.  The imposing rows of aged stone houses with their powerful doors of robust colors claimed my heart and refused to let go.

April showers welcomed us on the day we stumbled onto Dupont.  Luckily, I had my trustworthy Hunter rain boots, worn with a F21 dress, Zara vest, Marc Jacobs bag and Banana Republic necklace.

 The downstairs lounge at Hank’s and their eclectic punch, very reminiscent of Virginia.

My beautiful friend Lynn and I against the backdrop of the setting sun .