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Pirouette & Chess, Central Park West

A continuation of the photo diary from New York, with my offbeat interpretation, in verses:

The afternoon walks, 
sometimes strolls, 
sometimes leaps, 
escapes the city, 
returns to lovers, and friends.

Off-duty pickpockets and magicians 
crush autumn leaves with unhurried steps, 
in the bewitching hour.

Squirrels and their winged friends 
hide the day’s find in simple nests 
on sidewalks, 
while their fingered counterparts 
retreat to their bright cells 
in glass highrises.

A community chess tournament 
gathers the amateurs with 
the strategists,
walk the game of risks
with calculations
like highwire artists

A lost magicienne
wanders into land
of retired ballerinas
posing for catalogues
to be sold uptown.