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Neither Here or There: Dynamics of a Portrait

I didn’t pick up a professional camera until the 30th year of age.  Along my travel on the route of photography, it has come to my roaring surprise why this passion didn’t show up in those high school career tests as something that was almost perfect for me, especially portrait photography.  A writer and performer, I jump back and forth on the line between being an introvert and extrovert.  Portraiture is that sort of activity that challenges both of those categories.  A successful portrait requires the photographer to capture from behind the lens as well as interact in front of the lens.  Dancing a fine balance between those two can lead to a rare kind of moment frozen in time: a deeply insightful observation into the subject.  That dance is a place where I’m always trying to be while shooting portraits.  I often discover that in the process of attempting to achieve spontaneity with the subject, I get a glimpse at these scarce moments where the look in his/her eyes are so fixed and precise, but also incredibly honest and solitary, so much so that it mesmerizes viewers, the first one being the photographer.

Apollo, at Home, shot with a Hasselblad H4D.